Terms of Service

  1. We are not responsible for any bans that occur during or after the runescape firecape service.
  2. We can deny or cancel any runescape firecape order for any reason at any time.
  3. If you log in or change the password during the runescape firecape service we will cancel the order with no refund.
  4. Before the runescape firecape service begins you must remove all gold and valuable items off of the account.
  5. You must change the password after the runescape firecape service is complete.
  6. You must have the gear required in your inventory and equipped and be located outside the fight caves entrance.
  7. Your password should be temporary and not used anywhere else.
  8. Your Jagex authenticator must be disabled.


  1. We will complete your runescape firecape service manually without the use of bots.
  2. We guarantee the completion of your runescape firecape. If we fail, we will complete it at our expense.